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Saving money on Disney tickets: don't overdo it

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  • Saving money on Disney tickets: don't overdo it

    The general rule of thumb when people goto WDW is to buy a ticket for every day of stay:
    7 nights, 7 day magic your way ticket.

    But I am here to tell you NEVER to do this. First of all, you will ruin your trip. Always plan
    one of two days for resting your feet and for looking at other places in disney or you will
    wind up going back home and being more tired then when you got to the resort. It is
    supposed to be a vacation.

    The most fun you can have is finding what else disney has to offer which is extensive.
    And you will enjoy the parks more as well if you are rested.

    ADDING ONTO TICKETS: It is a little known fact that you can add-on to any disney
    ticket without penalty.. For instance, if you buy a 4 day ticket and you have used 3
    days, before you use your 4th just goto guest services at any park and tell them you
    want to add a day to the ticket. They will add the days for the same price as you would
    have paid for a 5 day ticket. They simply charge the difference in price.

    Thus you can make a 4 day ticket a 5-6-7 day ticket at anytime, however, you can
    never remove days. So it is always in your best interest not to buy too large a ticket.

    You can even do this and get an annual pass etc.

    DO THEY HAVE TO BE BOUGHT AT THE GATE: No. If a ticket is valid disney will
    still upgrade for you, even if you didn't buy it at their gate.