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Be ready to walk... and sweat... a LOT

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  • Be ready to walk... and sweat... a LOT

    I've been to SeaWorld twice, once about 8 years ago with 2 little kids and again last year on a school field trip. I wasn't overly impressed either time. For small children SeaWorld gets very tiresome because it is such a hike between exhibits or shows, and once you get to a show area you have to sit and wait for the performance. There are lots of concrete paths and not much shade. I was not impressed with the food offerings either. Luckily SeaWorld does allow you to bring a small cooler for sandwiches and drinks (at least mine didn't get confiscated).

    If you are vacationing on a budget, SeaWorld is a decent bet because the admission prices are lower than Disney and Universal; if you have family members that are really into ocean animals they would enjoy it since they do have stingray pools where you can touch the rays as they swim by and a dolphin encounter as well. Plan ahead and bring plenty of sunscreen and water.