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    I have this on good authority: Peter Pan's Magic Flight is the longest wait in all of Magic Kingdom--so if you're going to get a Fast Pass, get one for that!! I'm not sure if the rules changed, but with an ordinary 1-day admission to the park, you get a limited number of FPs. I always put someone else in charge of getting fast passes, so I don't have a finite number on how many per day/per guest, but you'll just have to take my word, because my husband found this out. He turns it into a sport! The last time we got our ration of 4 FPs for 3 rides (April of 2014), a cast member over at the Grand Prix told my hubs that he should skip getting FPs to race cards and use it for Peter Pan instead--which can be up to 2 hours wait time at the peak time of day. If you wait until post 9pm NO RIDE is an issue, and FPs don't seem so necessary anymore. The stroller derby comes to a screeching halt, most of the people go home and Magic Kingdom is your's for the taking!

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    Its a Small World is probably slightly longer on average, due to its stop and go ride system.