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Toy Story Land Coming Soon: Is that a Good Thing?

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  • Toy Story Land Coming Soon: Is that a Good Thing?

    As we have seen from construction footage Toy Story Land in Orlando is going up at a blistering pace. And we all want it to get here as soon as possible. But are the quick time tables we are getting a good thing? It is true that a ton of people will be putting off their vacations next year in anticipation of the Star Wars launch, thus Toy Story, although cool, will not be a massive draw. Families just cant pay for two vacations and will opt to wait.

    The concept models just released show a few items that may be troubling. The entrance to the new land looks sparse if not thrown together with very little fanfare in the entry way. The new entrance and exits at MANIA also look a bit odd and out of place. The land is themed after "toys being thrown everywhere in the backyard" -- we are wondering if the odd placements are part of that theme. If so that would work. It is impossible to tell until the gates open up on the new land if this all will come together. Here is hoping as we want this to be a "true" land.