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Disney Quest: Great as long as you're not a germaphobe

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  • Disney Quest: Great as long as you're not a germaphobe

    A lot of people head to Disney Quest when Florida storms mess up their plans for an outdoor Disney day. Disney Quest is a multi level, virtual reality play place equipped with thousands of different rides and games that are all set to FREE PLAY! This is a place best for kids older than 5 years old. There is a small section on one of the upper levels with kids sized rides and games, but 90% of Disney Quest is made for older kids (We took our 9 and 12 year old nephews and they LOVED it) They flew from level to level trying new games and rides. They loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where you “board” a pirate ship along with your 3D glasses and sail away on an adventure. They also liked the Music Studio, where you go into a small recording studio and record your real singing over music. You can even buy the CD and take it home!

    My only issue with Disney Quest is that I feel like with so many hands on things to do, and so many glasses and goggles going around to enhance the virtual reality experiences, it can feel kind of “germy.” Rides that require you to look through an eyepiece can smell a little sweaty, which is never pleasant. But, I do ALWAYS see staff members cleaning and sanitizing the games, rides, etc, so that makes me feel a little better. There is a restaurant on one of the upper levels too, and enough seating for the whole family. It’s a safe place for kids to run and explore, and a great way to beat the Florida heat!

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    heard today DisneyQuest is closing at start of 2016