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If I had $25K, the DVC Club is Where I'd Spend It

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  • If I had $25K, the DVC Club is Where I'd Spend It

    I found the link I'm posting with this, to be quite informative of what to expect with a DVC membership. With a lifetime purchase price of just under $25,000 you acquire a minimum of 160 points a year--enough to use on basically your pick of Disney Resorts, provided you are free when the time-share is free. You get dining and park discounts, access to the golf courses--and I guess reasons that make the testimonial page (from DVC members who joined decades ago) believable. The only bummer is the annual dues, which are around $1,000 each year--but I'd sit in on a time-share talk and see if I could ear mark my lottery winnings : )

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    Know that you don't even need that much to get in and enjoy DVC. Most contracts with enough points to enjoy yourself are as low as 5-8K. Start small as you can always add on later.