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The 7th month DVC rental Window Explained

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  • The 7th month DVC rental Window Explained

    Disney has a very unique timeshare system. Owners purchase rental rights to specific resorts (ie Old Key West) and they then have the rights to reserve dates at ONLY that resort starting 11 months out. In addition they also have the right to reserve any other DVC resort at the 7 month mark. Essentially at the 7 month mark they become owners of all of them.

    The kicker is that at this 7 month mark all DVC owners are in the same boat. They are all fighting to get reservations and there are specific resorts and dates that get taken first. A day after the limit passes, it is a mad rush. As such if you want a reservation at a hard to get resort, you should inform us before this 7 month window so we can plan on grabbing your dates when possible.

    Now it is possible to get reservations at a resort between 7 and 11 months IF AND ONLY IF we have owners from the same resort listing points. When this happens is random, except in the case of Saratoga Springs where we almost always have points available.

    So in short here is the timing guide:

    7 - 11 months out: owner has access to ONLY his home resort
    7 months out: owner has access to all resorts